Behind the thinking


James Kent

Financial services  |  Media

As founder and creative director of both Amy and Why, our sister design consultancy, James has built and grown businesses for over 17 years, through evolving landscapes and turbulent markets. With an innate understanding of how people behave and what they respond to, he has worked with global brands across a variety of sectors to create engaging communications that resonate with audiences.

Notable clients: BBC, Channel 4, Barclays, Nesta, James Eadie, The Guardian, YO! Sushi

Tony Philips

Automotive  |  Telecomunication

As a strategy and experience director, Tony has worked with leading brands for the last 20 years in senior roles at some of the UK’s most respected design consultancies. He has worked with organisations to explore their purpose, how their audiences behave and how they can take advantage of technology through innovation programmes designed to uncover insights and ideas. 

Notable clients: Samsung, Deloitte, Barclays, Aviva, Shell, Mazda

Shivani Khosla

Fashion  |  Social trends

As a researcher and copywriter, Shivani has worked with both digital-first and retail brands to enhance their customers’ experiences. Fluent in discerning and understanding the cultural currents that inform behaviour, her work is underpinned by her background in social and cultural anthropology where she was trained in a number of research methods including ethnographic fieldwork. 

Notable clients: Telenor Group, Telia Company, NTT Data, Nesta, Equiniti, Anchor Hanover, Prosody London

Lana Kropyvna

Product design  |  UX/UI

As a conversation rates optimisation expert, Lana has 10 years of experience and a proven track record of crafting high-performing work that reaches mass audiences through innovative, cross-platform UX strategies and targeted campaigns. Her passion for behaviour science and technology has driven her approach to improving user experience in creative ways. 

Notable clients: Adidas, M&S, L’Oreal, Philips, Disney, KPMG

Paul Youlten


As a strategist, Paul has worked for large global information companies in the City of London as well as start-ups in Spain, The Netherlands and California. Before joining Amy he was Marketing Director at a large educational business based in Madrid. 

Rosa Blaus


As a collaborative innovation lead, Rosa has worked on the design of innovative new services for both the private and public sectors. She worked as a strategy and management consultant for multinational banks before completely an MA in Service Design from the Royal College of Art, which guides her approach to innovation.

Clare Summerfield


As a designer and design researcher, Clare has worked closely with both medical professionals and healthcare innovators to develop powerful and innovative responses to societal challenges in healthcare design. She has applied a range of research techniques, tools and design thinking methodologies to the field of healthcare innovation. 

Notable clients: Imperial College, Science Museum, Battersea Power Station, Buckingham Palace

Meredith Eddy


As a writer, planner and idea generator, Meredith has 25 years of experience in working with organisations to create and develop ideas and words that are integrated with their brand and business strategies. She is an expert in brand communications with a particular interest in how brand is expressed along all points of the customer journey. 

Notable clients: Virgin Atlantic, BT


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