Our purpose

Amy explores and celebrates human- centred thinking in its different forms.

Human-centred ideas are exponentially more likely to resonate with consumers as they add real value to products and services. By observing how people think and how they behave, brands can create solutions that fit into, and enhance, everyday lives.

Approaching typical challenges from different perspectives requires a different way of thinking, though, which many brands don’t have the scope to explore or invest in themselves.

Our specific skillset in uncovering such insights allows our clients to focus on implementing the findings, strengthening their customers’ experiences.


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What we do

We help our clients work with designers, paving the path to innovation.

As experts in the implementation of the Double Diamond methodology, we deliver strategic services based on the first Diamond—Discover and Define.

This is achieved through a combination of strategic research, and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data that we collect ourselves.


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Why is it important

Independent research has shown, time and time again, that investing in UX at the foundational stage benefits projects in multiple areas. It can reduce product development cycles by up to 50%, saving not only resources but profits, too.


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What is the Double Diamond

The Design Council’s ‘Double Diamond’, also known as The Framework for Innovation, is a pragmatic and well-established process for helping organisations apply design thinking to any project, problem or program. Far from a linear process, the Double Diamond depends on multiple iterations and a flexible mindset to fully realise its potential. At a base level, it follows four steps: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver.

We have worked with this human-centred design philosophy since our foundation, with a keen interest in the first two steps. We know that the secret for successful design thinking is to work from the inside out.


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Why Amy

Our name is inspired by the part of the brain that processes our emotions (the amygdala) and our work aims to humanise consumer culture. Across different industries and sectors, we champion ideas that are as intuitive as they are innovative.


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Our partners

At Amy we work alongside our partner agency Why, who offer branding, strategy, and product and service development to our clients.

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